The Team and Management members of MDi have led and managed a number of service delivery and consultancies to other organizations and institutions since 2009, including:

  • In April 2009, MDi has succeeded in establishing a strategic collaboration with Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Perpetual Prosperity Pump Foundation (PPPF-USA), M.O.R.E Institute and Trees for the Future.
  • May 2009, MDi partnered with M.O.R.E Institute to establish a ‘M.O.R.E Village’ at Essienimpong and Asewase in the Ujisu-Juaben municipality. MDi worked in the review of the training curriculum to ensure effective implementation of the M.O.R.E system. A total of 210 persons belonging to 63 communities were trained in the new alternative livelihood promotion system.
  • September-Nov 2009: Organizational Capacity Building Project for staff of PPPF-USA, Ghana desk.
  • In Dec. 2009, MDi assisted Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture in setting up records keeping system to enhance effective reporting for the Rural Enterprise Project (REP)
  • Jan-March 2010: Livelihood Impact Survey in Essienimpong, on the M.O.R.E project from MORE Institute, Ashanti Region at Essienimpong by the Centre for Oversight Services, MDi.
  • November 2009: Analysis of Field Data from the REP by KITA, Kumasi
  • January 2010. THE SEED PROJECT feasibility study by Tress For the Future (NGO) in Ejisu, Ashanti Region
  • June 5, 2010: Educational Scholarship Opportunities around the world: AVAILABILITY & ACCESS, workshop KNUST.